Tuesday, March 3, 2009

End of International Cricket in Pakistan?

Today is the most sad day in the history of cricket. There has never been such an attack on crickets especially the visitors in the history of cricket. Srilankan cricket board must be audacious for deciding to tour Pakistan even after a lot of teams canceling their tour. The spirit which Srilanka has shown is not lost. Few masked gunmen ambushed the team's convoy when them were reaching the Gaddafi stadium to play the second day of the second test in the series. 2 civilians and 6 police men were dead while 6 Srilankan players injured including the top rated players like Kumara Sangakkara, Mahela Jayawardene, Chaminda Vaas and Ajanta Mendis. It was lucky on their part not to sustain any major injuries. None of the gunmen were caught. Srilankan team was immediately send back to Srilanka and of course the test is officially cancelled. Hope the Srilankan players recover soon.

It was Pakistan who invited Srilanka for the tour of 2 tests and 3 ODI's after India canceled their tour in January-February due to security reasons. Srilanka accepted the invitation with true spirit but it only ended in a demise.Even after the major setback of events in the past in Pakistan, the Government didn't seem to increase the security. News was that the possibility of an attack was known beforehand due to which the route to travel to the stadium was altered. But why not increase more security.Terrorism has become a curse to cricket in pakistan and I don't know what steps the Government is taking to uplift it. Now the future of International cricket in Pakistan is hanging in the balance. Already the hopes of organizing World Cup 2011 matches in Pakistan are diminished. Even a decision might be taken to ban International cricket in Pakistan. We just need to wait and see to what the situation leads to.
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Sam said...

Pakistan cricket is dead.

enkay said...

Poor Sri lankans who as a goodness gesture toured Pakistan met with the shock of their lives. With the growing power of extremists in Pakistan, its a distant possibility that cricket will be played again there. Right now they are playing a different game known as "Blame Game".

ArUn raFi said...

yeah its sad tht sports is gettin affected by terrorism.
no team in its good mind is gona tour pakistan now.
suddenly indias decision of not going has taken good credit.
as my friend had written now the cricket gods have been suddenly turned into mortals:)
even IPL is in doubt now..so are pakistans chances of co-hosting world cup..

Puneet Parakh said...

terrorist dont think all this.. they only want to create terror.. but it seems Pak is run by Goons.. dont even know who the head of state is.. is it Gilani/Jardari/Army chief.. God knows !!

cricketanalysisdotcom said...

Cricket won't be played in this country for a long, long time, which is very sad.
But my real issue with this is the complete lack of respect to the security men who lost their lives. "The cricketers are all okay - thank god!" was the unfortunate reaction here.

Rajesh said...

Will take a lot of time to recover.

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