Sunday, April 26, 2009

What RCB should do?

This is not written keeping in view of today's match...

1. KP and Ryder should open
2. Uthappa doesn't look confident at the top and he has not been aggressive. It will be good if comes down the order, may be at No.5
3. Dravid is the only batsman for BRC to score consistently ...He came to bat when the team had almost lost the match....He can't do anything when he comes to bat in that situation... He should come at No.3...Unfortunately for today's match he is not available...

Finally the batting order should be like this

6.Taylor / B Akhil
9. Pankaj Singh/ Steyn
10. Vinay Kumar
11. Kumble

For today's match, it's going to be interesting who's gonna replace Dravid. Will it be Gaurav Dhiman or Wasim Jaffer?


cricketanalysisdotcom said...

They need to be more consistent with their bowlers. Van der Merwe should come in for Kallis and they should get Dale Steyn back in the attack also, going with one more Indian batsman. Ryder and KP should not bowl. KP will only have a couple more games and should be replaced with Cameron White.
As bad as things have gone it only gets worse as they won't have KP anymore and Dravid may not come back soon either.

sv said...

yeah...coming days are going to be worser for RCB...