Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Pakistan cricket in shock

He has been in dilemma for the last eight months whether to join ICL or not. Finally he comes out and joins ICL...
Mohammad Yousuf of Pakistan signed up for ICL and as expected he is banned by Pakistan cricket board from all forms of the game. He will play for Lahore Badshahs in ICL.

Yousuf is the No.3 batsman in Tests and No.5 bastsman in ODIs. He is the Pakistan's best batsman now. It's a big shock and a big loss for Pakistan. None of the Pakistani players can replace this batsman. Pakistan will have to suffer in their next series against India. Not only against India, Pakistan will be outplayed by every other nations.

Yousuf said "I have decided to sign for ICL. There was a misunderstanding with the ICL. I was misguided and confused and not able to take a decision earlier. See, I want to continue playing for Pakistan and the ICL authorities also have no problem with that."

But Yousuf, you have done a great mistake by choosing ICL ahead of your nation though you know you will be banned. The pakistan cricket is in a grim situation now and you left your team aside for money when you are supposed to be with the team. Really shame on you Yousuf. You made pakistan cricket even worser...

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