Monday, November 24, 2008

Was Dhoni right?

India was shocked to hear that Dhoni had offered to resign from the captaincy following Irfan Pathan's inclusion ahead of RP Singh.

The rift between captain and the selectors is not new. Almost all countires have been facing the same situation, especially Pakistan. But the main concern here is the leak of selection report.

Dhoni took charge of India as a captain during T20 world cup last year. In one year, he has become the captain for India in all formats. India has been very consistent and winning the series under his captaincy. He might have thought that the team is completely under his control as he has not faced any problem with his captaincy till now. This might have lead to the rift between Dhoni and the selectors.

No doubt he is a talented batsman and a good captain. But Dhoni has a long way to go before he reaches his potential as a captain. Dhoni has been safe as India is winnig the matches. If India starts to lose, then Dhoni has to face a lot of criticism. If you are in good form, people praise you and if you lose your form, the same people will criticise you.

The best example is India's 2007 World Cup failure. Dhoni was out of form in that tournament and the fans damaged Dhoni's under construction house in Ranchi. Selectors need to back if you lose your form and if you are under pressure. So Dhoni needs to calm down a bit and has act with restraint.

There was only one captain who took complete contorl of his team selection. It was Imran Khan of Pakistan. Selectors would not say a word when Imran picks the team. It was largely due to his all rounder qualities with which he was able to lead his team successfully.

If the captain can decide who should be in the team, and who should not be, then what is the use of selection committee? I am not saying that the captain should not be given a chance in picking the team. The captain and the coach should be given a chance in picking the team. Consider a player's recent performance, his ability to play on any kind of surface in any situation while picking him.

What do you guys say?


Sam said...

if what dhoni said was true then he was wrong....RP is not sort of player for whom MSD shud threaten to resign :)

Srinivasarao Vundavalli said...

Yes sam, if it was true he was completely wrong...he surely got carried away by the image he got and the captaincy...

Straight Point said...

allegedly he just said "what sir, you made me captain and not even listening me too...then whats the benefit of being captain...'

can this can be called as threatening to resign...?

Srinivasarao Vundavalli said...

sp, we don't know what Dhoni said..if he was soft in that meeting, it is okay...the only question is how he reacted..did he really threaten to resign?

Trideep said...

Somehow i get a feeling that this is all cooked up. Dhoni was upset by the inclusion of SRT in the team. He might have qustioned & probably BCCI though of teaching him a lesson

Rahul said...

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