Monday, February 23, 2009

Last few days

  1. Yuvraj Singh climbing up the ODI rankings list....can he reach No.1 spot?
  2. Lol at the pilot who halted the play at domestic cricket game in India by landing the helicopter on the cricket pitch thinking it is a landing pad...
  3. Team India unveiled a new jersey...btw it sucks..
  4. Afridi not in the test squad against Sri Lanka... the end of Afridi?...not a good year for him..
  5. Jayawardena scored a double century against 'Pakistan'....back to form?
  6. England humiliated once again by West Indies....what a shame..
  7. Ponting decided not to play in IPL this season...Are you feeling happy KKR?
  8. Steve Bucknor announced his retirement :)
  9. Azharuddin starts his second innings as a politician....all the best Azhu Bhai
  10. Take a bow Adam Vogues ...

PS: Congrats A R Rehman and the "Slumdog Millionaire" team


Anonymous said...

madhya lo Rehman gurunchi endhuku rasavu raa item .... only cricket news rayali

sv said...

congrats cheppatam lo tappu ledu..ayina anonymous ga mesg cheyatam entra..dammunte direct ga mesg cheyyi...

Luscious Sealed Lips said...


One of the few nice blogs on cricket.

Good work.


Vinayak said...

I am a big fan of cricket
I liked ur site
just add some widgets ur blog will look gr8

Dr. Internet said...

Hey nice blogging!

Australian Cricket Legend said...

Am watching England struggle in the Windies now, and must echo your sentiments. "what a shame".

To be fair though, this has been a terrible test match, which has included some excellent cricket.

England were never going to get a result on this pitch, and its a shame the match was wasted.

Freddy said...

Still glad that Bucknor has retired. Game is better off without him.