Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Villainy continues

He holds the record of standing in more than 100 test matches and the second highest in ODIs. He also holds the record of standing in five successive world cup finals. But this much experienced umpire has a grudge against India. Every time he stands in match played by India, there would be atleast one decision against India. And he continues his villainy even after retiring from the umpiring.

Mr. Bucknor, you have to consider apologizing the indian team and BCCI for your wrong decisions against India instead of claiming that BCCI is the reason behind your retirement.

Anyway one thing that makes me feel happy is that he retired :)
Is there any instance of a retired umpire coming back to international cricket? Don't tell me there is..


Soulberry said...

He will retire after one more test.

Technically he is under contract and must be acted upon.

He's a sicko

Sam said...

Bucknor has just showed he is challenged mentally with this statement.

Dan* said...

gud he is retiring........ too old to make correct decisions

cricketanalysisdotcom said...

Fans of fair umpiring are dancing in the streets at the retirement of Bucknor. He may well be a very good person, but the game will be better off for his absence.
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scorpicity said...

To be fair, he was a very good umpire for long but everyone knew he should have retired quite some time back.

On the grudge against India, god only knows how true but the key point as always was on why the standards have come down.

Either way, I wish Bucknor a good life ahead. Despite the recent thorns, he was largely quite good.

Rajesh said...

Bucknor had real bad times.

Dr. Internet said...

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