Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dramatic Thriller

Uff.... What a heart-racing thriller

Another nightmare to KKR

KKR haven't been used to win and they continued to do so even in the matches that they should have won easily

And yesterday it was much more dramatic

Mortaza and Agarkar bowled very good 18th and 19th overs

But poor Mortaza, he conceded 26 runs in the last over with 21 runs needed for DC to win

As a supporter of DC I'm worrying about their bowling options and their death bowling

Fifth bowler has always been a problem

I don't think Gilchrist is thinking of this seriously.....Unless he concentrates on this, it's going to affect them in Semis and/or Final

SA's bowling coach Victor Barnes joined DC as a bowling coach

Can he change anything?

I feel sorry for McCullum....

Can KKR ever win?


Sam said...

nah not in the season 2 of the IPL.

Pranay said...

hehe... arre I feel sorry for SRK!

sv said...

SRK himself gave up....but one should blame him for what's going in the team management...

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