Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ganguly included in the test squad

Many people might have thought that Ganguly's era as a cricketer is over. His career was at stake when he was omitted for the Irani Cup. But the new selection panel gave his career a boost by including him in a 15 member squad for the first two tests against Australia. For all the people who says Ganguly should quit as he did not perform well in the test series against Sri Lanka, let me make it clear that none of the other seniors performed well in that series. It was a collective failure of these four against Sri Lanka. Fielding is also a major concern with these players. So, why Ganguly only? Why not the others also? If we look at the last 20 test matches of the Fab Four, all of them, except Dravid, has almost the same average.

The selectors should make it clear that those who performs well will only get the chances. There has been a lot of competetion from the youngsters like Rohit Sharma, Badrinath and Suresh Raina. The Fab Four should seriously consider this series important. They should perform well to retain their place in the team. May be they should consider retiring voluntarily after this series if they does not perform well in this series. Good luck seniors and team India :).

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Pavan said...

Ganguly omission in the future is just starting !! No one can play cricket for life time. It is better if they leave when they are at peak state of their life.

I think rahul will consider quitting on his own soon than later, laxman follows him , unlike in ODIs they cann't directly put the young blood into test cricket, young stars need time and backing of seniors in team. So one by one the fab 4 will leave the team India !!
Well done fab 4 U r awesome created histories

Hope to see another grate Indian fab 4 in future too so much of young talent in India