Friday, October 17, 2008

India ends the day on a high note

Well, first day of the 2nd test between India and Australia saw some milestones. Sachin beat the Lara's record of most test runs, Sachin corssed 12000 test runs, Ganguly crossed 7000 test runs. But one sad thing is Sachin Tendulkar once again missed a well deserved century. His partnership of 142 runs with Ganguly took his team to a comfortable position. Ganguly scored a half century and is looking strong and confident.
Sachin, after the stumps on day 1, says " When I got out in Bangalore a few guys made it a point to remind me about the record. I knew I had done a good job there and that was important. My focus today was just to watch the ball. The journey over the last 19 yrs has been fantastic. There are stones thrown at you and you turn it in to milestones. I was not that excited to be honest. The focus was to continue and not lose concentration. Me and Sourav focussed on batting out the day. I didn't really think of the record too many times. I try to keep the records out of my mind and my aim is mainly to contribute. It's nice that it's come at the right time, the Australians are a quality opposition. I planned to stay till the end but it didn't happen. I thought i didn't use my feet well but that's the beauty of the game. The ball changes and so does the game." India end's the day with 311/5.

Meanwhile, Bangladesh recovered an initial setback by New Zealand and ends the day with 183/4. Bangladesh's batsmen Mehrab Hossain and Mushfiqur Rahim played well and made an unbeaten partnership of 139 runs.


Vempati Sreekanth said...
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Soulberry said...

If India had a wicket more in hand, I might have felt India ended on a real high.

But who knows, this may prove inspirational to the rest of the team to perform exceptionally through the match.

Mishra makes his debut and Dada also reached a landmark. So I guess the spirits must be high.

Srinivasarao Vundavalli said...

Laxman was a bit unlucky...had he been there, it would be a real boost for India..

Straight Point said...

laxman was not unlucky he got sucked into it...

in a way day ended as typical sachin...never a good finisher... have already blog rolled me...let me return the favor with pleasure :) thanks!

Srinivasarao Vundavalli said...

@straight point thanx!